The State of the People

What people? You might ask – and I might answer “The American People!” But I wouldn’t say that, because it would make me look stupid.

Everyone knows the American People are no longer, and have not been for some time. And anyone who speaks of them, is a shameless politician, out to get our vote.

Sensible Americans are now out for themselves – at the expense of everyone else. But they will not come right out and say so. This has to be deduced from their actions.

And their actions, frankly, are ambiguous. They miss having a national identity – but they don’t see any way of getting it back.

They live in a global economy, tied together by a global TV, and a global Internet – with no way of controlling this.

They live in a world that is controlling them – not in a world that they are controlling. And this trend has been developing for some time – as our machinery has become more powerful and better connected. With a quantum jump in the Fifties with TV, and then the Computer.

This is such an impossible situation – we cannot accept it. But scream at the top of our lungs “No, No, No!” And refuse to support such a world.

But this world does not need the support of most of people in it – it can get along nicely without them. Note that I said most of the people – who are useless in the Computer world.

These people will continue to exist, and continue go to their shopping centers – but will also feel less and less important, and get less and less money – because they will be less and less important!

The stage is set for lots of social instability.


One thought on “The State of the People

  1. This post works well as a poem. The problem with this scenario which is at least plausible is that no one seems to be offering solutions to the problem. The contradictory nature of Americans hinder acknowledgement that there is even a problem. Most people just know their lives are going wrong and blame some “other” group that is worse off then they are. Very few realize the true causes of income inequality.

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