The Decision to do Everything Wrong

This is my reaction to being an American, in America, for most of my life. I didn’t like this way of life, but Americans could not imagine why. They were of the opinion that America was perfect. And that is why so many people from so many other countries were so desperate to be there.

The problem here is in the human mind, that seems to think of opposites as identical – with very dangerous consequences.

Americans think doing everything wrong, is the same as doing everything right. And nothing on earth will convince them otherwise.

I ended up in Silicon Valley – one of the craziest places in a crazy country. But no one there could understand why I didn’t like it. And I didn’t either – I thought there was something wrong with me, and I became suicidal.

I had plenty of therapists – the Valley is loaded with them – but not a single one thought the Valley might be the source of my problems. This idea was forbidden to them – and they would not venture into forbidden territory. And get blown to pieces.

Twenty years later, and living in another country – I can see they would not have been blown to pieces. But they still cannot see this. A belief, for people living anywhere – is a fact of life, and they do not question it.

This belief is simple: “America is perfect, and must not be questioned!”

To be proper Americans, they have to limit their thinking – and not question anything fundamental. And they know instinctively which beliefs are fundamental.

They cannot be good for America, and they cannot be good for themselves.


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