Using UX to Build a Better World

UX is computer shorthand for User Experience. And a lot of work has gone into making it better, for computer users.

This is not because computer companies want to help people – they are only interested in helping themselves. But they are gradually realizing – that they have to help people, to help themselves.

And when I say gradually, I mean very gradually – with lots of setbacks.

I am listening to an excellent course – Introduction to the Foundations of Western Civilization – where this same dynamic occurs over and over. It takes hundreds of years – but eventually people get the message.

One of these messages, that gets repeated over and over, throughout history, is “We must build a better world!” And, quite frankly – we have failed miserably at this.

I am watching a MOOC, on edX, presented by the University of Michigan – Introduction to User Experience. They have developed a methodology for doing this – actually a lot of methods the designer can chose from. I asked myself why these could not be used to make a better world.

The answer is simple – it’s a matter of scope. UX works in the computer world (this is what it was designed for) – but cannot be used outside of it.

This is the tragedy of our times. We can work very well in developing computers – but not in developing a better world.


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