The Computer Can Help Us Think, But It Cannot Help Us Feel

The reason for this is simple – the Computer is a machine, and any input for it has to be digitized – turned into a number. This is a fact we tend to overlook, in our foolish belief, that the Computer can do anything.

People operate entirely differently, and have emotions, that have a powerful influence on them – for good, and for bad. In fact, most of people’s emotional life is imaginary (or religious) – and the Computer has no access to it.

We were overwhelmed by the Machine, in the 19th Century, and tried our best to be one – with disastrous consequences. And our analysis should begin with this, with Industrialization.

This made us feel superhuman – because we did acquire marvelous new powers (including Classical Music) – but we also became socially degenerate – as the Holocaust proved.

People have social instincts that can be either good or bad. And their machines have a big influence on this. This effect has not been understood – the social interaction between People and their Machines. Including the latest machine – the Computer.

The developed world has been swept by a destructive mania recently – marked by the election, in the US, of Trump. With similar movements in the UK and the EU.

This is a social phenomena, no question about that – but one that few have tried to understand – or even acknowledge. The people involved do not want to understand it – but just do it. If it wrecks the world – that is fine with them. This is a religious approach – if the world is impure, it must be destroyed!

The important new technologies of our time are Television and the Computer – both networked technologies, that have made people stupid and destructive. As the Computer has become smarter – its users have become stupider. Why should they think – if their TV or Handheld can think for them?


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