Better Than Real

This is another world entirely, where people can do whatever they please, without fear of retribution – because they are above all that. In this world, people do not matter, and the strong can do whatever they please – and everyone else will be part of whatever they set up.

What I am describing is the world of Business, and the Office. That is, in a word, inhumane – and run by people who are that way also. They have their minds set on greater things – and not on human things.

They regard people as a foreign species, that can exploit as they please. There are some limits to this, of course. The people must be kept satisfied with their lot in life – or they will rebell. But this can be easily done by the Media, that keeps them entertained.

They have established two classes of people – people who are better than real (who have all the advantages) and people who are less than real (who have much less). Reality still exists – but only in the fine line that separates the two. Everything else is either black or white.

One thing else is required – they must not be aware of all this, and must live in ignorance of it


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