Capitalism is Money Making More Money

Capital is Money. And Capitalism is money organized to make more money.

Money making more money, makes more money available. This creates a society with big advantages, and big disadvantages.

Lots of money is available for big projects – transportation (railroads and steamship lines) – and for manufacturing (for making factories). These combinations make nations powerful – and also make for income inequality. More power is created, but this power is not equally distributed.

Something else is necessary to make all this work – to lessen the inequality, and make bigger pieces of the pie available for everyone. And this something else has to be, to begin with – an awareness that this something else is needed.

Once we know what is needed, we can try different ways of making it happen. Always keeping in mind, what we want to do. Make a better world.


3 thoughts on “Capitalism is Money Making More Money

  1. Hal, I believe that capitalism (with all of its weaknesses) has done a tremendous job of reducing inequality. Inequality has always existed, but prior to capitalism the rich class was very small (the nobility) and everyone else was on the bottom. Capitalism has created and greatly expanded a middle class, while we still have both the top and bottom too. Socialism and communism (and to a certain extent-liberalism) want to end inequality, but do it by making everyone equal–bringing everyone down to an average and in the process destroying the motivational aspects of capitalism that have expanded the pie for all (or at least for a great many).

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