Ignorance is the Secret Glue that Holds Everything Together

I am still obsessed with my struggle to understand what is going on. The answer for most people is simple “Don’t try to understand! Powerful, secret forces are managing the world, and it is best to leave them alone.”

I’m sure they are right – powerful forces are managing the world – or more correctly, mismanaging the world. And they do not want their operations exposed.

We can take that as our starting point – something is messing up the world. Next question “What is it?”

I can only speak from my personal experience in the last half of the 20th Century – and a very unpleasant experience that was. I kept asking “What is going on? And I kept getting the same answer “Nothing is going on, or at least, nothing important. Have a good time, and stop asking questions!”

And I kept seeing company after company, organization after organization – go under.And everyone kept ignoring this.They seemed to feel their most important asset – was their ability to ignore this.

And they were right, as far as their individual survival was concerned. If they noticed, they were shot down in flames – as an enemy of How Things Worked. I could only conclude that I was a horrible person – since I noticed what was going on.

If I could rewind time, back to 1960 – what could I say to the people then? I could only say “Something is wrong, and badly wrong – and we got to do something about it!” But I was trapped in my career as an Electronic Engineer, in the Cold War – making all kinds of money, doing nothing.

I was miserable, but I could not understand why. I was wasting my life, but no one seemed to think this was important.

Something else was important – but no one knew what that was – or wanted to know what that was.


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