Insanity is Part of the Human Condition

I have hesitated to get into this because I had no clear understanding of what insanity was. I could see plenty of it going on, but few saw this also.

Then I got Is It All in Your Head?: True Stories of Imaginary Illness. The patients she describes suffer from severe forms of mental illness – paralysis and convulsions, but also the more common forms – of unexplainable pain and weakness.

From there it is not too much of a jump to consider irrational social beliefs – including religious beliefs. These beliefs have often led to violence.

And in our time, the belief among many people – that they know everything! And that knowing more is not possible – and even sinful.

I got this response when I wrote Capitalism is Money Making More Money. Capitalism was part of the package we refer to as the Modern World – and was quite a discovery. But today,  people are not interested in what it is – but only in how it should be accepted, without question.

This also applies to what people think about the Computer. They regard it as part of their secular religion – capable of understanding and explaining everything. This is clearly insane.

What is behind all this? The perception that we are not wanted. This is more than any person can stand – and they go crazy, as a result. This is a perception – how a person feels other persons are treating him or her.

Living in Costa Rica, I can see how they relate to their small children. They hold them close, and you often see an adult (man or woman) with a small child asleep in their arms. You seldom see this in the States.

I saw this clearly when I was married to a beautiful, but crazy, young woman. She had suffered terribly as a young child – but what the situation was, that had caused this suffering – she did not know, and could not explain to her therapists. She knew her problems were hard on me – and ended our marriage, to protect me. But she could not protect herself – and ended up killing herself instead.


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