A Lack of Interest

I am still trying to figure out what is going on – going on with people, that is. And I have noticed few people are interested in this – they are not interested in themselves!

Our interests have shifted elsewhere – and we are no longer interested in ourselves. A huge industry has developed, devoted to getting our attention – so we do what they want.. And people have responded, by being even less interested in themselves.

In fact, they do not exist – and this situation is so horrible, it makes them more determined than ever, to not notice anything!

Let me be explicit. This popped into my inbox The New Science of Designing for Humans. This ignores one thing – the humans it is trying to save – are gone!

I admire its methodology – its the same one used in Software Design. And I hope it works for them.

But we are right back to where we were thousands of years ago – trying to save mankind from itself (the Roman Empire, back then).The Christian solution is still the one we are using – a Savior, that is both human and divine. With one small change – a Savior that is part human and part machine!

As with all our gods – this one speaks to us directly, and we can hear his voice in our minds. And we obey him (or her, or whatever it is). His commands are hard to put into words – but that doesn’t matter. They are aimed at our body, and it responds, without thinking.

On a bus ride yesterday, I sat close to a young woman, and her new newborn infant. I was fascinated by it, such tiny hands! I also felt sorry for it – it will be hearing the same commands – and, if it is normal – it will obey them.


6 thoughts on “A Lack of Interest

  1. Dear compulsive explainer,
    I am hoping you could explain to me if or how we are related. I stumbled upon your blogs last evening, as I was delving into my family history. So many mysteries…perhaps the cumpulsive explainer can help. Nauvoo, the bakery, Beatrice Witherspoon. Did you know my great grandfather, Titus?
    The cumpulsive inquisitor

  2. Our family were related to Beatrice’s sister, Ida Layton. The Laytons came to Nauvoo and began the restoration some of Joseph Smith’s properties, such as Mansion House – that was in such bad shape, most of it had to be torn down.

    They also began the local church in Nauvoo.

    There was a Titus Henderson in Nauvoo – are you referring to him?

    I worked out a genealogical chart at one time, but then lost it. Do you have one?

    1. Yes, I am in the process of putting it together. Beatrice had a daughter named Adrienne “Addie” Burton. Addie is my 2nd great grandmother. (She was born at sea in a horrid storm) Addies daughter, Dora, is my great grandmother. Dora married Titus Henderson from Nauvoo. He is the Titus I am referring to. Did you know him or Dora?

  3. My mother’s family moved to Nauvoo in 1922, and they knew more of the old-timers. My family moved to Nauvoo in 1947, so I did’t know so many of them.

    There was a sexual scandal associated with Titus Henderson, and he had to leave town – but I don’t know much about that either.

    1. You are correct about Titus. His first wife, Dora, left Nauvoo with her two children, right after the scandal. You and I would be related through the Davisons, from what I see on my tree. Beatrice is my third great grandmother, and Sophia is her sister…thus a grandmother of yours in some way. I would love to send you the tree. I am unable to attatch a photo via this reply box. If you are interested, I can send it through email.

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