The Religious Basis for Everything

We sometimes think we live in a practical world, and have left the religious world behind us.

This is impossible, because our minds, and our brains – were organized to understand the world around us – and it looks for the forces behind everything. That were originally conceived of as spirits – including our own spirits, or souls.

These spirits are perfectly capable of engaging in warfare with each other – and this is where our literature originated. These stories related how we were involved in titanic struggles.This is where morality originated – if we got too far out of line, God (or his equivalent) punished us. If we did the right things, he rewarded us – copiously.

If we became obsessed with our own power, and tried to take it away from God – this might work for awhile – but in the long run, this was a disaster, and always resulted in our complete destruction.

This is happening, right now, in the Global Economy – it has made us powerful, but is leading us to a global collapse.

The latest difficulty in Cloud Computing, in Amazon’s S3 service, has generated a lot of talk of human error – as if that was something new in the world. In religious terms, this was simply Sin – and has been with us always.

I am taking an online course now, explaining how Microsoft’s Visual Studio, .NET framework and its Azure cloud – add up to something supernatural!

This overlooks how all this power can be used destructively – to make some people very rich, and some people very poor.


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