Drunk On Power

Microsoft Virtual Academy

This online course has been cleverly designed, with two presenters – one dressed in white and one in black. The one on the right, in white – must have been eating cheerios for breakfast – he is so enthusiastic.

What he is enthusiastic about is real enough – a new kind of power, based on Software. And Microsoft is trying to corner this market with its cloud – called Azure. Its a tough market to break into, because Amazon was there first – with its Amazon Web Services. And Google has a cloud also.

I think Microsoft has a chance, because it has the Visual Studio IDE – in addition to its .NET framework – that gives developers all kinds of advanced capabilities, right out of the box.

Microsoft emphasizes Security – and rightly so. There are too many organizations (including Yahoo) that have overlooked this – and been scammed. Everyone will complain that online Security is too complicated – and they don’t want to be bothered with it.

They don’t want to be bothered with anything – they just want to be drunk on whatever is available. They want to feel wonderful

This highlights our main problem today – we live in a technical world that requires smarts – that we do not have. A brief historical review will explain how this happened.

We were overwhelmed by Industrialization in the 19th Century. One of the effects of this was to produce simplified people for its industries – people who were not supposed to think for themselves – so they didn’t. They were just cogs in the wheels of a vast machine.

This machine was powerful – but the new machine is even more powerful – and makes it look puny by comparison. As with any machine, only a few hands are on the throttle.

Everyone else resents this – and is out to destroy it. They are determined to kill the goose that laid the golden eggs.

But they were not aware of this attitude – because it was safely hidden in their collective unconscious.

This can be modeled easily – every person has two parts. When problems get too hard to handle in the conscious part – they get shoved into the unconscious part. And when this gets too full – it blows up.

Microsoft is adding fuel to a runaway train – that is headed straight for the edge of a cliff.

Let me state this another way. Being evil was so profitable – we became evil. But once we became this way – we did not like ourselves.

This is the same problem we have had since we became civilized a few thousand years ago. We acquired new power, but not the intelligence to use it properly.

Let me state this yet another way. Unless we can develop a society that benefits most of the people in it – we are in big trouble.


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