We Are Good at Making Things, but Bad at Making People

I was thinking this, this morning as I was making coffee for breakfast. My espresso coffee machine is a remarkable device, made mostly of plastic – that the Market has provided for a low cost. And I have many kinds of coffee to chose from – including Fair Trade brands that are supposed to give the farmer a fair price for his coffee. In short, I am surrounded by an abundance of good things.

But I had to leave my native country, America – because I could not get along with the people there. I was surrounded by bad people. This is a shocking thing to say – and I wish I didn’t have to say it – but I have to call a spade a spade.

They are not trying to be bad, but their circumstances force them to be this way. I was surrounded by people who cannot think! And people who cannot think, often become violent and destructive.

Americans have lost track of what it means to be human (to think) – and lost track of this loss itself. I am not saying anything new here – I am only repeating what has been said many times before. I only want to note, again – that they are in bad shape, and don’t know it.

They have elected Trump, but don’t understand what this means – even when it is carefully explained to them.

The country I live in now, Costa Rica, is not very smart – but they still like people here. And that for me is a big plus.

I work at understanding what is going on in Software – and the advances there are astonishing. This is clearly thinking – but thinking applied to a limited domain – a domain of things – computers, and their networks.


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