Life Has Become Too Complicated

I think most people will agree with this – but haven’t given much thought to how life has become more complicated – and show no great inclination to do so.

This is understandable, because our minds were designed for relatively simple tasks – how to find things to ear – without being eaten ourselves. Gradually, we took on bigger jobs – and somehow, we ended up with civilization – not knowing quite how we got there – but with no desire to go back.

Human history consists of a series of further changes like this – where we could not go back.

Such as our discovery of Money, and then Capitalism (where money makes more money) – and the Market. These were changes we could not go back on – even though there were serious attempts to do so.

This takes us up to the middle of the 19th Century – where things got out of control. Because there were simply too many of them. We could have screamed, as loudly as we could “There is too many of them!” But instead we went into shock, became unable to cope with them – and let them take over.

The result was a new kind of people, we have no words for – but are staring us in the face every day.

Some people can thrive on this new state of affairs – and some (such as myself) cannot.


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