The Only Good Information is No Information

This is designed to be like “The Only Good Indian is a Dead Indian!” Brought up to date for the Information Society we find ourselves in.

For its people (maybe ten percent of the population) – everything depends on Information, or Data – and the more Data, the better.

We have two cultures now – where the two cultures, as usual – do not talk to each other very well. And where one culture (the dominant culture) is badly out of date. It worries that more information will show how badly out of date it is.

It would much rather put time in reverse – and go back to the past. But time does not work that way – it only goes forward. And in these times – forward rapidly.

Even the favorite strategy of most people – to be nothing! Is not working – the world moves on without them – mostly for the worse – and forgets they ever existed.

  1. Not in-depth, but I can understand what you are trying to say. Clinging to a past that was not as great as some have imagined it is a waste of time.

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