The Human Mind Has Serious Shortcomings

And we should be taking them seriously – instead of doing our best to ignore them.

We seem to think, if we try hard enough – we can do anything. This was one of the causes of Fascism (the worship of the great leader) – and our present irrational worship of the Computer. We seem to think it is the embodiment of the perfect soul – and the perfect machine for creating wealth. There is some truth in both of these assumptions – but taking them seriously is causing us big problems.

One of the disadvantages of the human mind, is simply put – insanity. Which occurs in forms without number, and degrees of seriousness without number. We should bear carefully in mind that we (all of us) are prone to this very serious problem.

I have mental problems, and I am sure everyone has them. But I can see few people recognize this – and instead, insist they are perfectly sane. They fear, and fear greatly – if they start to admit their shortcomings, too many of them will show up, and sink their ship.

Their ship was already sunk, but this was not obvious yet. And it started to sink right after WWII. I was a young man then, and I can remember that time well. Americans back then considered themselves perfect – not consciously, but unconsciously. And acted on that assumption. I regarded this with some amazement – but who was I to contradict them?

Fast-forward to the present. The human race is in serious difficulty – very serious difficulty. But most of them have no awareness of this. If they already know everything, they think, how could they possibly learn more?

People everywhere have their TVs and their cell phones. That keep them perfectly informed – they think.

This is mass insanity of the worst kind.


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