Enter Reid Hoffman


This is about money in high places – at Microsoft, whose place has been slipping lately.

Who is this guy, Reid Hoffman?

He’s the quintessential nice guy. A few years ago, I called up entrepreneurs to ask them about Hoffman for a profile that never ran. Serial entrepreneur Bret Taylor told me, “He spent so much time just being a nice guy, and it made me think I have to be that way, too.”

At the time, I asked Peter Thiel what made Hoffman tick. “Once years ago, the question came up about the meaning of life,” Thiel told me then. “He said he thought it had something to do with the relationships you build along the way.”

Here I am, in faraway Costa Rica, letting Microsoft teach me how to use Visual Studio and .NET – in other words, learning how to do things the Microsoft Way.

I belong to LinkedIn, but I do not participate in it. Most of the people who want me to know them on LinkedIn want to be considered professional in something or other. I have a cousin who is an office manager, for example – and wants to be considered a professional.


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