The Masochism that Destroyed Personal Growth

Personal Growth was one of the watchwords of the Sixties – that amazing time that held such promise – but soon ended. The Hippies had Flower Power – but the Business Economy had the jobs.

This became a personal tragedy for me and my wife – who lived in Santa Barbara, California, in the Sixties – back when lots of people retired there, because it was so beautiful, and so cheap. We thought the good times would last forever. They didn’t.

The bad times arrived, and never left.

It is hard for Americans now to understand what happened – how anything so thoroughly bad – could have happened. And how irresistible this change was at the time. It felt wonderful – when, in fact, it was terrible.

People ask “How could anything bad, feel so good?”

I cannot answer that question – but can only point to what happened. Reagan destroyed California, and then the entire U.S. – and the American people loved him for it! For showing them it could be done – and done easily. All you had to have, was the will to do it – and they had that will, in abundance.

It’s hard to explain how easily this happened. It was made possible, first of all – because people decided not to notice what was going on. This was a tragic decision – but it felt like the right decision at the time. Big things were happening, and people thought it best, not to question them.

Let me repeat that. People felt things bigger than they were taking over – and, due to their religious nature – they had no objection to this. If it was bigger, it was better.

This habit, of not knowing, became impossible to shake off. And it has become integral to our way of life.


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