Big, Powerful, and Bad

I keep studying Software Development and Human Development – and noticing some interesting interactions. Or, at a more abstract level – between the Machine and Life.

People are stuck in the middle between the two – and can’t figure out how they got there.

The Big Change came with the Industrial Revolution – with its Railroads and Manufacturing – and the Market Economy. The Railroads have been replaced by Cars and Roads, and Manufacturing has moved overseas – but the Market still runs our lives.

This is not a bad thing, in itself – I benefit from a large selection of inexpensive products – including the laptop I am writing on. But I am also dealing with a huge system (for lack of a better word) that is only interested in using me, to its advantage.

It is much larger, than all of us put together. And it controls us – we do not control it. This suits some people just fine – they align themselves with it – and reap all the benefits. And don’t worry about the morality, or sustainability, of the situation. They grab, while the getting is good – and don’t worry about tomorrow.

They end up with a low opinion of themselves, and others – and decide to end it all. To put this in theological terms – they have sinned, and they must be destroyed. And they don’t mind helping with the destruction.

They don’t realize that Software is taking over – and it requires cooperation, not competition. This should make things better – but it doesn’t seem to. Perhaps the collapse that is going on right now, will clear the ground for better things to happen.


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