The Decision to Not Be

This, it seems to me – is a common response to today’s problems. The decision to remove ourselves from the picture – and just let things be. That way we won’t be responsible for anything that goes on – and plenty of bad things are going on.

This, to me, is the worst thing we can do – it’s mass suicide. But that does not bother other people.

Take the Woman’s March on Washington as an example of a slightly different approach. I have a sister who participated in this. She said they had a good time – and she came home satisfied with herself, for having done it. What did they accomplish? Nothing, but this did not bother her – this is not what they set out to do.

What did they set out to do? I thought it was to get President Trump to include Woman’s Rights in his programs. There is no evidence that this happened. And no evidence that people like my sister have realized this. They made a grand gesture, and let it go at that.

This is also true with the people who use LinkedIn to do Professional Networking with other people. Professions, of any kind – do their own networking, and do not need another organization to do this for them. But there are a lot of people who are not professional, by any stretch of the imagination – but badly want to be thought of this way. LinkedIn was made for them – it accomplishes little, but it makes its users feel better, about themselves.

We are dealing with two realities here – what’s really going on, and what’s going on in people’s minds. The two, in our time – are badly out of sync.

And no one finds this a problem.


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