The Way It Is, and the Way They Want It To Be

There is a big gap between these two now. People are determined to make things behave the way they want them to – and ignore the way they really behave. Why? Because they have conquered them, and they must now obey.

This is especially true with the Computer, which is our slave – and must do whatever we want it to do. And make us ever more powerful and important.

Both of these ideas are crazy, as crazy as they can be. But crazy ideas can be very powerful – and people will eagerly follow them to their death. Self-destruction seems to be baked into the human race. Something we should be very aware of – but are not. Being crazy is more fun – a lot more fun.

I learned this from a couple I rented a room from when I was working in high-tech Southern California. When the wife laid her eyes on me, she wanted me for herself – and the husband agreed with this agreement. I could have her in the morning, after he had left for work, and he would have her in the evening, after he returned from work. She was very pregnant at the time – but that would not be a problem.

I should have had her, and had her many times – but that didn’t feel right to me. Meanwhile, the husband who was manic-depressive – stopped taking his meds, because being normal was too boring. I left them to go on one of my long backpacking trips. When got back, they had a baby girl – and the husband was recovering from a severe psychotic breakdown.

They thought they could have everything – but they ended up with nothing.

How often this happens!


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