The Computer is Part of the World

One of the great discoveries of the Modern World was Scientific Reality – as opposed to the Religious Reality that preceded it. The Computer, that arrived centuries later, was one of its products. To be good at Software technology (the stuff that runs the Computer) you gotta be very good at understanding that small world.

Scientists believe in one world. Contemporary people (a strange mix of many kinds of people) believe in many worlds – contained in many different minds. Although they all believe their world is the right one.

I once observed a passenger ship disgorge its passengers into a couple of the harbor towns of Costa Rica. There were almost more passengers than residents in the town. One busload was robbed, and one tourist killed. The tourists thought their money belonged to them, but some of the locals thought otherwise.

This was an unfortunate attempt to blend two worlds – but this happens all the time, across the globe.

With fighters, helicopters, and drones wreaking havoc on those less-well equipped.


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