The Importance of the Mind

I am reading Mind and Cosmos and Thomas Nagel has clarified what I already believed – that Mind is built into the Universe, and exists everywhere.

Even in the people who have become dominant in our time, who have no minds, and are proud of that. They have minds, all right – but minds in reverse – a position that gives them great power.

The Human Mind has grave defects that most people do their very best to ignore. And they consider this ignorance their greatest virtue.

Confused? You should be, because everyone is doing their best to confuse you. And the most important confusion is about who you are.

For the longest time (most of my life) I felt who I was, was something awful – so awful I could not begin to think about it. I had to get away from the people, I could not identify with – and into Nature, I could identify with.

In one case, I had backpacked into a remote area, and was listening to a tape about the effects our Fathers had on us. The next morning, I could not get out of my sleeping bag – I was suffering from a vertigo so intense, I could not stand up.

After I moved to Costa Rica – I gradually realized there wasn’t much wrong with me. There were plenty of small things – but no big thing.

I wasn’t that important, after all.


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