They Don’t Want to Understand, or Be Understood

Why on earth do I have to keep writing about my thoughts? Why do I want to be understood?

I have no answers, except “I just have to do it.” And I am shocked by the condition of most of the people I know – who are suffering from a multitude of emotional and social problems. But don’t want to know this.

The solution for all our problems, it seems to me, would be for us, all of us – to decide to be good to each other. Is this too much to ask? The answer, unfortunately – is yes!

Something else is more important – but we cannot say what that is. We just know it is – and is much more important than we are. And it doesn’t want for us to know what it is.

It is clearly some kind of deity, similar to the Old Testament God – to which, has been added some powerful new technologies. A strange mixture of the archaic and the modern, that is profoundly attractive to our unconscious minds – and has us in its thrall.

Its results, in operation, are all around us – and reported on the media constantly. But people cannot understand this – because they are afraid to. The Fear of God is in them – a God more powerful than anything before Him.

Does this sound familiar? It should, because warnings against this were very common in the 19th Century, and early 20th Century. It was preached from every pulpit, included in the Transcendentalist Philosophy, and in every popular novel.

But suddenly, in the middle of the 20th Century – these voices became silent. Other voices took over, and other images – that of the TV and the Smartphone. That we could not resist. They spoke to us with the voice (and image) of God!

This was not thought of, as a religion – but it was. The most powerful religion ever – even if it was secular. It had money behind it, and it had jobs! And it was turning its people into idiots.


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