The Decision to Not Decide

The Great Society was a conscious decision by LBJ, and his allies, to build a better society. But this failed miserably.

Americans took note of this and decided on a better plan – to not have a plan at all, but to let things work out on their own. And let powerful people be the strongest force in their society. There would still be programs to help the rest of the people, but their funding would be limited.

The result was that America became much less powerful! This was hardly surprising, since these powerful people were only interested in themselves – and they were only a small percentage of the population. But Americans in general did not understand this – and they decided the solution was more of the same!

Their logic was simple, but defective – and was allowed to stand, because it was never put into words, and examined. Instead, Americans decided that – no thinking would be allowed at all – and they enforced this decision vigorously. The worst decision possible.

And the rest of the world followed its example – giving power to a few, and leaving the rest to fend for themselves. The rest, however, demanded strong men to rule over them – making the situation even worse.

There were a few (like me) who pointed out these fallacies – but we were ignored, and still are ignored. They have decided only power is important – and their decision to not decide for themselves, was not important at all!


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