The Rejection of Liberalism by The American People

Liberalism defined on Wikipedia

This tremendously important event was not noticed when it happened, in the last half of the last Century. I never noticed it, when I was there – even though it was happening all around me.

New forces were taking over – that we still do not understand – that were not liberal. And we were forbidden to notice what they were – so we didn’t.

They can be broadly defined as Authoritarian – exactly what Liberalism was designed to oppose. How did this happen?

New forms of Power had appeared – that seemed so simple at first, they were hardly noticed – new forms of entertainment, the Movies, and then that blockbuster – Television. The people who controlled them, controlled everything else. Simple as that.

My family had their own church, the RLDS church – that for my parents, was their whole world. Twenty years later – it was gone. The whole world, of which it was part – was gone!

The people of that world were gone also – vanished without a trace! And the people who were left, had no memory of them.


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