And Fear No Darkness

This guy is saying something different – and deserves to be heard. But few are listening.

He describes our problems very well, except for one – the human race has decided to disappear, and let other forces take over. He may be saying this, but if he is – he is not saying it very clearly.

To me, it all hinges on”What is in control?” I don’t mind admitting that I’m a control freak. And I always look for what has its hands on the controls.

The most potent example here is the Automobile – with a person at the controls. He (or she) has enormous power – and is backed up by an entire culture devoted to it – and its roads.

What is the hidden message here? So plain, anyone can see it – but hidden in plain view? It cannot be put into words – but has to be experienced in our unconscious minds and bodies.

Let me remind you, that most of what goes on in our bodies is entirely unconscious. We have to deduce what is going on there – from the actions it causes. A sphincter muscle relaxes, and we urinate.

The same thing happens in our minds (and brains). Pressure builds up, and we have to relieve it. How pressure builds up in the brain, we do not know – but we can feel the results in our bodies.

Jordan Greenhall is right when he notes that the pressure in our times has become unbearable. And that we are headed into an explosion and collapse.

Most people cannot feel this – but it can be easily deduced from their actions.


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