Ethics in Latin America

The differences between Latin America and North America are many – and originated with the Reformation – that separated Northern Protestant Europe from Southern Catholic Europe. Latin America got its culture from Spain and Portugal at this time, and retained this culture – while Europe itself was changing.

The 15th Century culture they inherited from Spain and Portugal was ruthless – so ruthless it shocked their parent countries. But they tolerated this, as long as it supplied huge amounts of silver and gold. When this supply ended, they forgot about their American colonies.

They developed into corrupt, violent countries. There were attempts at reform, but they usually failed. One exception being Costa Rica, where I live.

Latin America is now inferior in almost every way – including ethically. Latinos know they are inferior (and are sensitive about this) – but have not tried to understand why. Except for their intellectuals, who understand their differences very well.

I must state also that they have a huge advantage – they still like people, and that is why I am living here. But let me return to my subject – the disadvantages of their culture.

In Latino culture in general – cheating is considered a normal part of life. In North America, it is an abnormal part of life. And this difference is what prevented their development of an advanced economy.

Their schools should be telling their students about these matters, but they are not.

Latinos seem to think they can become better, by adopting American popular culture – wearing American clothes and playing American music – at full volume.

It does not occur to them, that they have to change themselves.


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