How Wells Fargo is Doing it Wrong

And I mean really wrong – in the most fundamental way. In the way it treats its customers. It could not have a worse attitude toward them. “We are everything, and you are nothing!”

It probably feels it is typical of American companies now. But that is no excuse – just because everyone else is incompetent – you do not have to be incompetent also.

The chickens will come home to roost sometime – and that time may not be far away. The Financial Industry is changing rapidly (with FinTech) and WF may be left holding the bag.

I started out writing a much longer posting, giving the reasons for my unhappiness with Wells Fargo.

I decided to skip them – because you do not want to hear of another person’s problems. And the mess in another company.

You have been in the trenches, and have your own battle wounds.

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