Capitalism and Power

Capitalism is the process of using money to make more money. It needs social structures, such as banks and markets to operate in. And makes possible the accumulation of great wealth and power.

It also created another type of organization – the Company, legally a corporation. That would employ the workers – and also control them. Organizations such as the Schools and the Military also operated as companies. With hierarchical social structures, that enforced large disparities in income.

It does not provide mechanisms for the proper control of that wealth and power – and putting these controls in place is difficult. The wealthy and powerful want to stay that way.

All of these artificial social structures – came to be regarded as natural and inevitable. And the majority of people (who desperately needed jobs) would enforce these organizations.

They became, in fact, antisocial organizations – and created antisocial people to operate them.

So far, what I have been describing, happened in the 19th and early 20th Centuries. In the middle of the 20th Century – with TV and then the Computer – huge changes happened. That we have not begun to understand – and was marked by people who did not want to understand.

All they had to understand was simple enough – to put it in Biblical terms, the Idol they had been worshipping had feet of clay – and they needed to find another one, that would stand up better. The Computer would make this possible.

They needed to consider what wealth consists of, in the Information economy. The economy that is now in control – and has made the Industrial economy obsolete.

They have to give up their hard-won advantages in that economy – and learn about operating in another one. This sounds like a simple change – but for them, it is like changing their religion. The noose would have to be around their neck – with the hangman asking if they want to convert to his religion.

Absent this kind of force – they will not change.


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