Fear of Success

I’m convinced that this is one of the strongest forces in our world today. People, and groups of people – become successful, and then panic – and become unsuccessful – spectacularly unsuccessful!

The most spectacular example was the rise and fall of Nazism. The Germans became very successful, very quickly – then went downhill even faster.

My approach here is similar to Erich Fromm in his Escape from Freedom.

Perhaps their presiding deity has become malevolent – and doesn’t want them to become successful. This is only a guess, but we are forced to do some guesswork – to come up with theories that explain what is hidden in their minds. Whatever the reason, the results are clear enough – and should not be ignored.

Another explanation, that been with us for thousands of years – is that people are both good and bad, in about equal proportions. And they can go either way, depending on their circumstances.

And our circumstances in the last few hundred years, have altered drastically. We have stressors we never had before.  Many people cannot cope with them – psychosomatic illnesses are rampant, and our suicide rate has gone up.

We have gone from being constructive to being destructive – without noticing this.


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