The Computer Has Made Some Things More Efficient

And this has made some people upset (to put it mildly) – because it was taking their jobs away from them. There are jobs the Computer can do better – and cheaper. And more of these are being discovered all the time.

No one can deny this, but some Computer apologists are eager to assure us – this is only a temporary situation. In the long run, they say, more jobs will be created.

I am not convinced of this – because I can see huge improvements in Software, with no improvements in making more jobs. These, I must remind you, were part of the Industrial Economy. And that has mostly gone away – mostly to China.

There are jobs in the Information Economy – and good-paying jobs. But only for people with special skills. I have worked with some of these – and I can tell you: they have exotic minds.

The Computer itself has an exotic mind. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes more intelligent than people are. It can work with huge amounts of data, and look for subtle patterns in it.

The Internet lets it to gather information from all over the world – and to issue orders between computers, all over the world. While most people, right in the middle of this – are not aware of what is going on.

A tragic situation, obviously – but a new kind of tragedy, we are not aware of yet.


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