Businessmen are Stupid

And the bigger the business they are in, and the higher they are in that business – the stupider (and more ruthless) they are.

I am not the brightest of persons – but this fact has impressed itself on my feeble mind – and nearly everyone else on the bottom rung of the corporate ladder. They can see, easily enough – that most people in a managerial capacity are incompetent and greedy.

Why this is, is not hard to see. Most people look around to see where the money is – usually in some organization – they climb as high as they can in that organization – using whatever means they can (often unethical) – but always by flattering those above them.

They are not interested in doing it right – that is too much work. They are only interested in making the fast buck – and they are very good at doing that.

I’m sure you can find plenty of exceptions. I worked in a company founded by an immigrant that arrived with only 20 dollars in his pockets. He spotted a market niche, and formed a successful company that only did one thing – but did it right.

You can also find them in organizations that are not primarily concerned with making money – but are concerned with doing it right.


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