The End of Objective Behavior

We have always been capable of subjective and objective behavior. We were able to think, and to feel – to behave in two different ways. And this is what made us human – being able to maintain the proper balance between the two. Not an easy job.

Most people are now ruled by their emotions – not by their minds. They are a different kind of person – without being the least bit aware of this.

They think if something makes them feel good – then that is all that is necessary.  All politicians have to do is make people feel good – and they can do anything. This was also a problem for the ancient Athenians, of all people – whose Democracy was taken over by tyrants!

In our time, thousands of years later – one exception to this is the Computer – that is entirely logical. In that tiny world, you have to be objective – and as a result, the Computer is having a huge impact on people – and their jobs.

People’s response? They don’t want to think about it!

Our awareness of the Objective World was a benefit of the Modern World. And it gave us a huge advantage – we could plan our future! This made the United States possible – thirteen little states were able to unite – because they could see that it could be done!

Since I now live in Latin America – I can see how this inability to plan, is a huge disadvantage for them. They waste precious resources on projects that have little benefit to them.


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