If God Does Not Like People

A lot depends on a society’s concept of their God. This can easily observed in their social interactions. If their God does not like them – they do not like each other – or themselves.

It is easy for someone outside their group to observe their social interactions – but nearly impossible for anyone inside it. Americans, for example, go to great lengths to disguise this – telling each other frequently that “Everything is alright!” – and that they love each other. When the exact opposite is true. They work hard at deceiving each other – and themselves.

When I was working in Silicon Valley, in the Nineties, I had many therapists (the Valley of full of them, of every type) but not one of them would say that our problems, as individuals – was caused by our being in the Valley. Why? Because they feared divine retribution – one of the biggest fears we have.

This is also true for individuals – if they become successful, they panic – because their God does not like this.

I am also reading Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-truths, and Total Nonsense – published by O’Reilly, which is located in the Valley – but not part of it. This book is saying the same thing – but is also being ignored. It says the Valley is ignoring the facts – including (in my opinion) their concept of God.

We are religious beings, and we cannot ignore this.


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