The Discipline of Design

Design Innovator

I struggle to find things in Computers, that can be applied to the wider world. But this appears to be one of them.

Design principles can be used anywhere, I believe – even in the design of governments. I just listened to a description of the design of the American Constitution. An awesome achievement that also used another design principle – iterative design. They kept at it, until they got a design that satisfied them. Step one of the process.

Graphic Design has not be used in Politics – but probably should be. To help everyone visualize what is going on. Hundred of pages of text is not doing it.

All of our governments need a redesign – one that is designed to serve people. And we can do this, one step at a time.

The main problem then, was to unify the States. The main problem now is to unify the country, that is badly fragmented ideologically.

We need to identify what these fragments are.


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