The Wrong Kind of People

Dealing with these guys (and gals) has always been a big problem – for me, and lots of other people.

I was just talking to a young man. whose mother is going through a severe mental crisis – and not the first one. He was not coping with this very well – and didn’t seem to realize that his mother had severe mental and emotional problems.

When dealing with this problem, the first step, and the hardest – is recognizing that the problem exists. That there are bad people – and they are often in positions of power. Mothers, fathers. and heads of states, for example. And some people can be a mixture of good and bad – depending on the situation. They all want to stay in power.

To cope with this, every one of us has to rely on his own resources. That fortunately for us – are built into us from an early age. We all have bullshit detectors in our guts, that work fairly well. All we have to do is pay attention to them.

But, as Karl Popper has pointed out, Philosophers such as Plato want us to ignore our gut responses, and rely on abstract reasoning. Not a good solution either. We need all our resources, and we have to use them together.

This is hard, when you need a job, and the people who have these jobs – are not the best of people. I couldn’t cope with this, and I don’t know anyone who has.


One thought on “The Wrong Kind of People

  1. That’s a hard one; coping with the bullshit of people, especially at work. Deep breathing exercises and a mental picture of my family, help me keep the filter on my mouth.
    Stupid people don’t know that they are stupid, and silence truly is golden in circumstances like these.

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