The Arrogance of Power and Money

This problem has been with us for as long as we can remember. Those who have power, tend to abuse it. And the only way to counter this, is by social sanctions – by societies aware of the problem, and determined to overcome it. Such societies are rare.

This was not true of the America I grew up in. There was some help for the poor – but large organizations had the jobs, and the muscle to do as they pleased. People respected them, and little else. I was astonished by this, as an idealistic young man – but no one else was, as far as I could tell.

And this is still true today, in our global economy – that is not built for the long run, but for quick gains. And where global poverty continues to increase. There is little incentive for this to change. There is little incentive for understanding how this happened and how to solve it. Which means nothing will change.

An easy way to look at this, is to concentrate on Finance, on the Banks – who have all the money. Banking is an essential economic activity and institution – both. But one we have not understood or regulated very well. We have not understood the role of Ethics in banking either. This has given them even more power, to do as they please.

We now have the means of doing this – the Computer – that can easily create and manage huge amounts of money – and let us know what is going on. We have the means for making a better society.

All we lack is the willpower to do this.


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