People Don’t Like What They Have Become

People know if they like something. And they know if they like themselves. And at the present time, they do not like what they have become.

But they have kept this a secret from themselves. Safely kept in their unconscious minds.

They are not aware of this – this is what the unconscious is for, to hide unpleasant facts – but it can influence behavior just as effectively as the conscious mind. Perhaps even more so, because it can act directly – without any conscious interference.

As a result, people act as directed by their unconscious – they have become zombies. Not something they can be proud of.

This unconscious behavior resists classification – and cannot be understood. This is all we can say about – it cannot be understood.

But the people who operate this way – the majority of the population – consider this inability to be their finest achievement. They are letting other forces (not human forces) be in control – and carefully ignoring what they are.

They are proud of how defective they have become – and also ashamed of it.


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