Millions of Dollars Spent on a Cruise-Missile Attack that Accomplished Nothing

I sure hope I am wrong here.

But after doing all other things I wanted to do this fine morning – taking a shower – and having to time to reflect on current events, while I was drying off. I thought things over.

Maybe things went like this:

The American military was desperate to show the rest of the world how powerful it is – which it certainly is – without going to war with a first-class military.

Everyone’s attention was focused in Syria, with its low-class (but very nasty) air force – so this was the logical place to show how the American Military was, by comparison – super powerful! A gas attack on innocent civilians was the perfect excuse.

Over 50 Tomahawk cruise-missiles were launched toward a single airfield – each one of them worth a good part of a million bucks! You can do the math.

The smart thing to do would have been to have launched them toward Syrian aircraft – but the American Military had no idea where they were! Probably in some other airfield.

This massive military exercise had to be documented, to show the folks at home, and to show the military what the results had been. So a fighter plane was launched at the same time – carrying nothing but cameras to record the action. It could easily keep up with the cruise missiles, that have wings, so they can fly low, under any radar coverage, and surprise the enemy.

The cruise missiles located the airport – they could hardly miss it. And dove in to the attack, blowing plenty of holes in the dirt. But they missed the runway entirely! One photo of this was released, and then vanished – because it showed no damage had been done. If they had hit a aircraft hanger, for example, or some aircraft, this would have cleared marked on the photograph.

Why was this done, what was it supposed to have accomplished?


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