This is a subtle virtue – but for me, it is very important. If I can’t be me – I don’t want to be anything at all.

And, at the same time, I must not come across as being arrogant or superior. This is a new skill, necessary for our times.

I am reading Wordsworth’s Prelude, and I can highly recommend it. As a young man, early in the 19th Century – he discovered his calling to be a poet – and was supported by his fellowmen in his calling.

Lucky guy! A century later, this would not be possible.

In the 21st Century, being itself is difficult. And self-destruction, at every level – is common. The only way to be – is not to be, and people have become good at that. I have to discipline myself, to accept this as their choice – whether I like it or not.

To be self-sufficient myself – I have to accept the intense conformity, and non-being, of most of my fellowmen.

But perhaps I am wrong. I just opened up Poetry Mag and looked at Sublime Deformations of Nature. You don’t just read the poetry here – you look at the images also – as a kind of video, and imagine poetry being read in the background.

This is a long article – about fashion and poetry. I recently saw a man, right here in Costa Rica, wearing a tshirt with this written on it – born ugly/ live ugly/ die ugly.

High fashion is being done in NYC, London, and Paris – but not in Costa Rica. This is a lifestyle I can no longer afford. Back in the Sixties, New York City – believe it or not – was an inexpensive place to live!

I now live on the Internet, where I can download almost anything. And upload anything I want to the cloud. A hundred years from now, some unlucky soul may be reading some of my obsolete blog postings.

We have too much of everything – but this, I suppose, is better than it used to be – when many precious writings (such as the poetry of Sappho) were lost because people lost interest in them.

We now have search engines, that can find nearly anything, in this immense pile of junk – instantly!


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