Mental Illness on a Global Scale

I continue in my quest to understand the world – at least from my own viewpoint.

Something is drastically wrong with our world – and one way to understand what is wrong, is to consider it mental illness. How is this useful?

It is useful, because mental illness is something people can intuit easily – they can easily say “You are crazy!” We all know mental illness exists, and is highly disturbing. At least to those viewing it in others.

The people afflicted by it, however, may not feel this way about their illness, at all. But feel they are perfectly normal – and everyone else is crazy. And there is little anyone else can do, to make them better.

This is the main point. Mental illness cannot be understood, or cured. And since the body and the mind are one – the same thing has to be said for the whole body/mind.  At every scale, from the personal to the global.

This is a drastic statement, to be sure. But not a new one. We have lived with mental illness for a long time – and the human race is still here – and is unlikely to disappear.

What we can do, however – is change our understanding of it, as a global phenomena – with intense effects on the people in it.

I can site The corporate wax nose – about Corporate Social Responsibility. Or take you to visit a friend of mine – who is suffering from mental illness, with its associated medical problems. In either case, the results are shocking. But can be understood as an interaction between the global, the corporate, and the personal.

Mental illness on a global scale.


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