Proud to be Nothing

This attitude, in my opinion – says a lot about a lot of people. Who are proud to be nothing – because that is, after all – quite an accomplishment!

On my last trip to the States, I saw this clearly – when I lived with a cousin of mine in Northern Virginia – part of the DC area. This guy, and his wife, were the perfect example of nobodies in action. They had bodies, all right (and a townhouse, and two cars) – but something was missing, there was no one there!

They were surrounded by machines of every kind – and a shopping center, with the largest supermarket I had ever seen – a school for handicapped children – and retirement homes. Everything that money could buy.

This took me back 15 years, or so – to when I was working in Silicon Valley – that was full of these people! I was part of a therapy group, where the leader, our therapist – took this for granted. And saw nothing wrong with it.

The people there were robots. They knew how they were supposed to behave – and they behaved that way – without thinking about it at all!

I could see something was wrong – and I had to get out of there.

I had the same problem many other people had – I understood what was going on! And I understood how dangerous this was.

To be the right kind of person – you have to understand nothing – and reject everything. Then you are perfect.


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