The Implications of the Computer Economy

We are transitioning from an Industrial economy, based on machines and energy – to a Computer economy, based on software and information.

The two economies make different kinds of people powerful – since they are dealing with different kinds of power. In case you haven’t noticed, we are dealing with two subjects here – technology and social power. This is a crucial relationship that not enough attention has been paid attention to.

People are extremely interested in power, and they will move heaven and earth to get more of it. Usually by affiliating themselves with the power structure of the moment.

I saw this in the last twenty years of my working life (1980-2000), in California – when everybody rushed to get on the Computer bandwagon. This resulted in the boom and bust of 2000 – and my move to Costa Rica.

The people back home were still looking for the magic something-or-other, that would make them rich instantly. And they are still looking for it.

They cannot see the solution that surrounds them everywhere – the Computer and its networks, the Internet and the Cellular.  I cannot tell them “A new power grab is taking over!” because they cannot see this happening right under their noses.

They are no longer important – and their skills are no longer needed.


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