The Loss of Wisdom in the Wise

In the Ancient World, wisdom was valued – hardly anyone agreed on what it was, but they all agreed on its importance. In today’s world (very strange world, to be sure) it is not valued, but is avoided instead. Things have gotten so bad, no one wants to know about them. And ignorance is seen as wisdom.

This was most apparent when I worked in Silicon Valley in the Nineties. Craziness was endemic, but everyone considered this normal – and worked to make it even crazier. This is an important point – people wanted to make the situation worse!

I didn’t understand this at the time – but I thought there were people who did – who could bring me up to speed also. But I could not find these people – and I really looked!

I will lay it on you, straight out – people have gone crazy, and probably cannot be cured. Once you understand that – you have understood everything you need to know.

All that remains, is to understand this craziness. And to do this, we have to back up in time – to the Reformation. The watershed moment in Western History. One that saw the rise of Science, and the fall of Monarchy. And also created the United States.

This came to a head in the 19th Century – when people knew something was wrong – that alien forces were in control, that they could not oppose – or understand. They could have understood these forces, if they really wanted to – but they were afraid to try!

Fear is the strongest force in our time! Fear of what is. Or, to use updated terminology – fear of terrorists – that create terror in our midst!


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