The Stoic Bridge to Christianity

I am listening to The Great Ideas of Philosophy, 2nd Edition – and this is an excellent lesson in this recorded classroom – about Stoicism, the prevailing philosophy in Greece and Rome at the time of Christ.

Once again, I am struck by the difference between two kinds of people in our world – those that want to learn, and those that do not. The Great Courses are for those who want to learn – and they are excellent.

I use the little SanDisk ClipZip player – to listen to my Audible files. But you can use almost any smartphone, or your computer – to listen to them also.


2 thoughts on “The Stoic Bridge to Christianity

  1. I agree…people who want to learn are EXCELLENT.
    In addition,and in keeping with your blogs (I do enjoy them) I believe that children are little sponges. I believe that mothers should fill their children with love and good things, and good thoughts. Moms are the MOST powerful people in the universe. It is a shame that being a mother requires such little criteria. Luckily for me, I learned the value of motherhood from my own mom. Luckily for my mom, she learned it from hers. Luck…perhaps everything is just luck. It is amazing how one person heard the word “mother” and feels wonderful feelings, yet another person can hear ithis word and feel sadness and dispair. The problem with the world is not computers, software, religion, and cars…the problem is mothers.

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