Too Much Information

Too much of anything is bad for people – it drives them crazy.

We had too many Machines, and too much Energy in the Industrial World. Now, in the Computer World, we have too much Information, and too much Intelligence. In computer terms – Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

I hope my statement, that we have too much Intelligence startles you. I meant, of course, too much Computer Intelligence. Which is intelligence, but a perverse kind of intelligence, applied to machines (computers).

People are afraid of this – and they should be. But they do not understand why they should be afraid.

They should have been afraid in the 19th Century. when Industrialization was changing their lives. But they weren’t – they went through a series of wars – the American Civil War, WWI, the Depression, WWII, and the Holocaust – instead.

We no longer have these Industrial Wars, thank heavens – but we have little wars going on all over the place. And poverty is bad as ever. Democracy is being replaced by Dictatorships. And people are saying “Nothing bad is going on!” While their world is being destroyed.

Once again, they are in the grips of a destructive force they do not understand – but they adore!

A fitting parallel would the Roman Empire at the time of Christ. The Christian solution for those desperate times was a new God – part human, and part devine. Who suffered, was crucified! This introduced numerous theological complications – but the symbolism was irresistible. And lasted for over a thousand years.

Fast forward to the present, the 21st Century. People still want to be destroyed, and they expect the Computer to do this for them. Which it is doing – but it also opens up new possibilities. It is both good and evil.

The People are spectators in this new struggle. Spectators that notice nothing – but wait for other forces to push them around.


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