What Kind of Person, Has to Have More Power?

This kind of person will automatically rise in an organization – because there is more power at the top. But he may be satisfied with serving the organization, to the expense of those outside of it – confident that he will be well-rewarded for his efforts.

The person who comes to my mind, from my hometown of Ft. Madison, Iowa – was regarded as a company man in the Santa Fe Railroad – in stark contrast to my my father’s father, who was a union man. In the Railroad Strike of 1922, the railroads reduced the pay of their union employees – in a deliberate attempt to break the unions – and they succeeded. This person was regarded as an evil man by my father’s family – and they never forgave him.

This was strictly a power play – of the Company against everyone else. And it set the pattern that followed – the Corporation (any kind of corporation) became all-powerful. In Ft. Madison, this included the Sheaffer Pen Company. Today, both companies are no longer. And Ft. Madison barely exists.

This man had a son, who was my age, we grew up together, in Ft. Madison. He never went to college – but he took after his father, and became successful in the Pentagon. He became richer that his father ever had. As a person, he was nothing – but as an insider in the Pentagon, he was everything!

Here is the ultimate irony – if an organization decides to destroy itself – and this happens frequently in today’s messed-up world – it will employ the services of this kind of person. He (or she) will become powerful, by making the organization less powerful!


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