If You can Control the Computer – You can Also Control People

It is beginning to dawn on me – that this strange idea may be occurring in people’s minds. Now that the Computer has taken over the Economy, and, I fear – people’s minds also. To put this another way – people now think of themselves as computers – and assume that whatever controls them controls people also. Not may control them – but something much stronger – will control them. This plays into the hands of the Psychopaths that run much of the economy.

The milder proposition, that the computer (or any technology, for that matter) will affect people’s behavior – is certainly true. And the many inventions in the last couple of hundred years – have stressed people severely – sometimes too severely.

People know practically nothing about computers – and seem to think computer programming is some kind of magic. And indeed, some programmers encourage this misconception. But the slightest exposure to computer programming should make this clear. A program is just a series of instructions – do this, and then do this …

There some high-level programing tools – I must confess, that do seem like magic, because they do so much. You do a little of this, and a little of that – and you have a Web site, or whatever! Social sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, encourage this. You can easily become superhuman – without understanding what you are doing, in the least.

As any expert programmer can tell you – this is foolish, but all too common. Startups hype their product or service to the high skies – and sometimes people cannot tell the difference. And huge amounts of money change hands.

There is a middle way – I am using NetBeans and Java to do some fairly fancy stuff. I can recommend this sensible approach.


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