The Conscious Self

I am dealing with a fairly abstract subject here – and what I am saying should not be taken as the gospel truth, but the thoughts of one person – who has messed up much of his own life.

I can’t help but notice that people’s conscious attitudes are often overridden by their unconscious motivations – that are often less than desirable. This has been known for thousands of years – but has been carefully overlooked in our time.

Our own time – what a strange time it is! We have to start from our situation, in our time – and acknowledge our own deficiencies. But for the most part – we do not! And we have to start from there – with our refusal to see what we are doing, and what we are like.

Americans will say they are not so bad off – and economically they are right. They can still go to their supermarket (like I did yesterday) and buy almost anything they want. But ethically (and mentally) – they are in bad shape!

The link between ethics and sanity is a close one. If people cannot think right, they cannot act right. This is so obvious, it hardly needs to be said. But more can be said anyway:

When people grow up in a world, whose basic institutions (such as the family) are defective – they become defective themselves – and they create a defective society.


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