How Dishonesty can Wreck the World

People can look around them, and say “Things can’t be that bad, because everything is still working!”

They may still be working in a superficial sense – but in a deeper, more fundamental sense – they are not.

I will illustrate this with an simple example – a marriage. Involving only two people, and their offspring. When one partner cheats on another, the marriage breaks down. This cheating can happen in a number of ways – not just sexual. Whenever one partner takes advantage of the other – without their consent.

On a larger scale, whole classes of society are involved. With some classes exploiting others. This can last for awhile, but the seeds of its own destruction are built into it. This is what causes empires to rise and fall. Eventually the exploited realize their situation – and they rebel. This is what caused the USA.

We are now involved in a much larger class conflict – that can be characterized as the system against the people. This is a very complex situation – that pits many systems against many people. But the overall result is the same – the present situation cannot last!


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